A Day in the Park

Welcome back Chatters!               Beautiful stories have the ability to blossom out in the most unexpected way, similar to the rose that grew from concrete.              The other day, I was able to create a complete story from a few minutes in City Park.... Continue Reading →


Campaign Week at XULA

Hello Chatters,             Last week at Xavier University of Louisiana candidates running for Student Government Association positions, and the competition this year was one for the books. Some of the most notable categories that left students on certain who to vote for were Miss Sophomore, Miss Junior, and SGA President.... Continue Reading →

Interview with Dre Pic

Hello Chatters,          Shortly after interviewing with two student photojournalist, I was inspired to interview a street photography/ fashion mogul that goes by the name of Artez L. Irvin. With over 29,000 followers on Instagram and over 7,000 followers on Twitter, Irvin has gained a strong following. Not only has his photography... Continue Reading →

Jay Z a Hall of Famer/ Storify?

Hello my Chatters, History has been made this morning as Shawn ‘Jay Z’ Carter was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Jay Z is the first rapper to ever receive this honor. Since Jay-Z first stepped on the rap scene, he has made an impact on the music industry and has set the trend... Continue Reading →


The Banter Blog

3…2…1… AND WE LIVE!

Yesterday my classmates and I covered one of Xavier’s Black History Month guest speakers. Writer and civil rights activist Shaun King came and spoke to our school about the importance of history as well as the problems we are facing in the Black community today.

screen-shot-2017-02-17-at-9-56-59-pm Ronald and I organizing everyone’s assignments.

For covering events such as these, there are many moving parts that often go unnoticed. What I, along side my partner Ronald, chose to do is tell the untold story of what an average day of a Mass Comm student looks like. We got the behind the scenes look at what it took for our classmates to prepare to cover such an event. Watch the behind the scenes here.

The premise of this project was not only to cover the event but write about Shaun King and some topics that the revolve around…

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Shaun King speaks at Xavier University

      In honor of Black History Month, American writer and Civil Rights activist Shaun King speaks to the students and local residents on Xavier University of Louisiana campus. King's body of work has gained him national attention in mainstream publication. To highlight the evolution of King, my classmate and I created a video... Continue Reading →

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