XULA Spring fest was one for the Culture

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This weekend was pretty lit here on Xavier University of Louisiana’s campus, because it was Spring fest. Xavier’s Spring fest is an annual event that consist of events such as a Fashion Show, Block party and a Concert. This year’s Spring fest I decided to be more involved by utilizing my Videography skills. Along with the help of my partner I was able to produce the theme release video, and Fashion show video for the festivities.

However, the most talked about element of this year’s Spring Fest was the many aspects of Black culture that was incorporated. At majority of the event from the food to the music all correlated to black culture. Xavierites also participated in the by the clothing they wore.

At this year’s Fashion show the theme was ‘C U L T U R E’. Where the night started off with clothing that resembled the Earth’s element: Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. The night continued with other eccentric clothing that highlighted Black culture from the bold colors and the use of African prints. Later during the evening, Edna Karr High School Band performed as the entertainment. Band’s at Historically Black Colleges or Universities are well known for their performances. Schools like Southern University of Louisana, Jackson State University and Prairie View A & M are Nationally known for their band.  Although Xavier does not have an official Band, the Fashion show incorporated that aspect of an HBCU. Moreover, the outfits that students wore to the show was one for the books. For the student that wore the best outfit got to walk the runway. To say the least, the overall aesthetic of the night was centered around the beliefs and culture of the black community.


Black Culture in 2015

Black Culture Connection

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Budget lines + codes

This blog post is beneficial to aspiring journalist or writers in general.

About reporting

A couple of you suggested I post on the blog the codes that go on budget lines.

First, here’s a sample budget line from this weekend:

EDITED, BUT NEEDS AC CVB-OCA: City Manager Mike Matthes has backed off his idea to merge the Office of Cultural Affairs with the Convention and Visitors Bureau, but he still wants to move them into the same building so that they can work more closely together. This is another budget-related proposal. We’ll try to explain to people how these offices might work together to promote their respective causes.
(T) Carlota Cortes (Swafford or ACE)

“CVB-OCA” is the slug (unfortunately, it’s two acronyms so it’s not quickly descriptive — we use very few acronyms in stories in the Missourian but for brevity’s sake they were used in this budget line). Notice how the slug is bold and followed by a colon.

Here are the codes…

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A Day in the Park

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              Beautiful stories have the ability to blossom out in the most unexpected way, similar to the rose that grew from concrete.

             The other day, I was able to create a complete story from a few minutes in City Park. There I met a two-year-old boy by the name of Owen and his Grandmother. I was able to capture this story solely using photography. Click here to view the video.

Seven Steps to Storytelling

Storytelling through Photography

Campaign Week at XULA

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            Last week at Xavier University of Louisiana candidates running for Student Government Association positions, and the competition this year was one for the books. Some of the most notable categories that left students on certain who to vote for were Miss Sophomore, Miss Junior, and SGA President. For Miss Sophomore, there was three candidates; Chynna Dubuclet, and Kensly Villavasso. Next, for Miss Junior, there were five candidates running; Ariane Shanks, Taj Wright, Brandy Sardie, Angel Ringo and Cheyenne Archer. Lastly, for SGA President, there were only two candidates running, Bryan Redmond and Kylar Wiltz, both were qualified and campaigned well. As campaign week came to an end the University Center went back to its normal flow.

           On Monday night the candidates had a chance to present their speeches to the student body. To start the night, Blaine Derbigny who is running for freshman class senate kicked the night off. Candidates discuss their future plans for the school, qualities that made them most appealing for the job. To finish the night out Sarah Hale and Ryane Adams both running for Miss Senior, participated in a Q&A about their plans. Tuesday nights speeches went as followed: Shalani Taylor (Miss Xavier), Hassan Owen (Mr. Xavier) , Kylar Wiltz (SGA President) and Bryan Redmond (SGA President).

  Today marks the first day students are able to cast their votes. Students can vote Wednesday, March 29th (9 am – 4 pm) to Thursday, March 30th (9am – 4pm) . Voting booths are set up in the University center first floor across from Sub Connections. Be sure to go out and cast your vote for the 2017-2018 Xavier Elections.

“Vote for the man who promises least; he will be the least disappointed”  -Bernard M. Baruch

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25 Hilarious Student Campaign posters

Nine Awesome Student Campaign Videos

Interview with Dre Pic

Hello Chatters,

         Shortly after interviewing with two student photojournalist, I was inspired to interview a street photography/ fashion mogul that goes by the name of Artez L. Irvin. With over 29,000 followers on Instagram and over 7,000 followers on Twitter, Irvin has gained a strong following. Not only has his photography been the source of his fame, but he has also set a social trend with his style. So far Irvin has worked with Korto Momolu, America’s Next Top Model, BravoTV Reality personalities and Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week. Over the years, Irvin has taken everything from celebrity, fashion and dance photo shoots while being able to express his creativity through his art.

How do you use photographs to tell a compelling story?

“Honestly, when I’m shooting I try to never think too deep on creating a particular image, I just keep snapping and allow the vibes to flow naturally.”

What inspires you to be a photographer?

“I always wanted to try different things growing up as a kid but, art and photography stood out to me the most. Being able to capture the moment for people and create memories for ever keeps me going with this craft.”

Is photography a dying or growing art form of storytelling?

“It has its ups and downs, some people just want to take photographs because it’s the newest coolest thing to do, but for the people that are passionate about it their stories never end…. It’s addicting, if you love it.”

How has multimedia platforms hindered or enhanced you field of work?

“Having more access to spread your work is a blessing these days. I believe it helps for sure. Now anyone can see your work and that type of exposure is always a plus.”

Contact Information:

Instagram: @Drepic

Twitter: @Artez_Epic

Website/ Blog: http://www.artezirvin.com/

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Photography is a love affair with life…

Hello Chatters,

          Being able to convey a message using photography as a medium is the beauty of photojournalism. This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing two student photojournalists who has opened my eyes to their profession and passion.

       First up is Kennedi Crosby. She is a self-taught photojournalist that is a photographer with Xavier University’s student-run newspaper, The Herald. Crosby is a graduating senior, biochemistry major who has taken her love for photography and incorporating her passion on certain issues within society.


How do you use photographs to tell a complete and compelling story?

“Photography can be about capturing the whole story or the part of the story you want to bring attention to. With the aid of colors, contrast, and composition one can convey a message in an abstract way. I personally try to encompass the whole scene and as the photos progress zoom into the ‘main character’ into focus with all of its features.”

What inspires you to be a photojournalist?

“I believe the biggest reason I was inspired to be a photojournalist is because I personally learn better from visual aid. Pictures genuinely do speak a thousand words. It brings attention to an organization or structure in a way that most do not find intimidating. Through an image you can convey beauty, rage, pain, jealousy, and cracks in a ‘perfect’ society.”

Is photojournalism a dying or growing art form of storytelling?

“I think as more and more people use technology to capture all the moments of their lives that photojournalism can grow even more into abstract forms of storytelling.”

How has multimedia platforms hindered or enhanced their field?

“Multimedia has definitely helped to bring attention to underlying issues in minority communities, but at the same time it can be manipulated to undermine those same communities. Through memes or Photoshop, a photo that originally conveyed strength in the moment of adversity can be modified to taunt those individuals.”

Now that your have got some information on Crosby, below is some of her work.

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           Next is another student photojournalist by the name of Gia Jennings, a graduating senior in business management. Jennings was able develop her skills over time by taking photos of her friends. Which in return improved her artistry.


How do you use photographs to tell a complete and compelling story?

“Photography is probably the most interesting way to capture a story. Pictures have the ability to depict emotion, moods, and messages which all give life to a story. I love to capture candid moments where the viewer understands the emotion or message in the picture.”

What inspires you to be a photojournalist?

“Spreading truth and positivity is what inspired me to be a photojournalist. In news today, many journalists write columns that lack truth and substance. With pictures, everything is very raw and allows for little error.”

Is photojournalism a dying or growing art form of storytelling?

“I believe social media revived photojournalism. It has given life to storytelling through photos because many use social media to get quick news and photos do exactly that.”

How has multimedia platforms hindered or enhanced their field?

“As I stated before, social media positively affected photojournalism but it too has a dark side. Apps like Instagram have prompted people to stage photos and fake a story, which is not why photos are taken. Genuine photos are meant to capture real moments and create memories, which is why I love photography so much but social media makes that tough.”

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“A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words”

-Ansel Adams