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In today’s blog I would like to discuss my opinion of Kendrick Lamar’s most recent album . Since his first debut in 2011 on the interlude ‘Buried Alive’ on Drake’s Take Care album, Lamar got the attention of everyone. On April 14, 2017, Lamar dropped his fourth album ‘DAMN.’ claiming his spot in the rap game.

I was having a conversation with a good friend of mine about  Lamar and the quality of his music. In the midst of this conversation we examined the Compton rappers ability to fit into popular culture. The time Lamar used to construct his album many people did not consider him as a top tier rapper. Although his lyrical quickness was the same if not better than the best in the game.

On this particular album ‘DAMN.’ Lamar decided to incorporate his feeling for the media, other rappers all the while embracing his hometown. After receiving negative attention from the media about a line in his song ‘Alright,’ Lamar  place a sound bite of news reporters discussing this line. This response to the media made it clear that the opinion of these people are irrelevant to him. Other than his message to the media Lamar also indirectly addressed the issued he has with other rappers. Many people speculate that the song ‘HUMBLE’ is a direct response to East Coast rapper Big Sean. These two rappers are said to have beef with each other after Lamar’s verse in ‘Control’ that shook the nation. To say the least Kendrick Lamar has claimed the throne by calling out everyone that ever questioned his skill.

Although Lamar has stood on the stage of the Grammy’s and worked with big name artist like Beyoncé, Drake, and Jay-Z, some would still look at him as a mainstream artist. Similar to Common, J. Cole and Chance the Rapper, Kendrick has been able to have a rhythmic pattern with his lyric, while incorporating a conscious message. One can infer that this style of rap is not favored by the main stream audience.But why is conscious rap not considered main stream? Some say because it does not sale, others may say its just not entertaining. Now I do not have the answer to this question but I would like to leave you with a question.


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XULA Spring fest was one for the Culture

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This weekend was pretty lit here on Xavier University of Louisiana’s campus, because it was Spring fest. Xavier’s Spring fest is an annual event that consist of events such as a Fashion Show, Block party and a Concert. This year’s Spring fest I decided to be more involved by utilizing my Videography skills. Along with the help of my partner I was able to produce the theme release video, and Fashion show video for the festivities.

However, the most talked about element of this year’s Spring Fest was the many aspects of Black culture that was incorporated. At majority of the event from the food to the music all correlated to black culture. Xavierites also participated in the by the clothing they wore.

At this year’s Fashion show the theme was ‘C U L T U R E’. Where the night started off with clothing that resembled the Earth’s element: Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. The night continued with other eccentric clothing that highlighted Black culture from the bold colors and the use of African prints. Later during the evening, Edna Karr High School Band performed as the entertainment. Band’s at Historically Black Colleges or Universities are well known for their performances. Schools like Southern University of Louisana, Jackson State University and Prairie View A & M are Nationally known for their band.  Although Xavier does not have an official Band, the Fashion show incorporated that aspect of an HBCU. Moreover, the outfits that students wore to the show was one for the books. For the student that wore the best outfit got to walk the runway. To say the least, the overall aesthetic of the night was centered around the beliefs and culture of the black community.


Black Culture in 2015

Black Culture Connection

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Jay Z a Hall of Famer/ Storify?

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History has been made this morning as Shawn ‘Jay Z’ Carter was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Jay Z is the first rapper to ever receive this honor. Since Jay-Z first stepped on the rap scene, he has made an impact on the music industry and has set the trend for popular culture. However, the art of rap music has not always been respected like other genres although it is the most dominant. For years, rap music has shaped the way people talk, dress and carry themselves. For many black artists, rap has given a voice to the voiceless. Through the fast pace lyrics and bass driven music, rap allows for people to share their experience of being Black in America.

In 1996, Jay Z released his debut album ‘Reasonable Doubt,’ which makes 21 years since he has entered the rap game. That’s more years than I have been on this Earth.Image result for reasonable doubt jay z

   This morning when CBS announced that Jay Z would be inducted to the Hall of Fame, Twitter had a lot to say. To have the first rapper recognized in the Hall of Fame shows that the genre is has become a respectable art form.

        While I wanted this story to resonate to my followers on multiple platforms, I decided to create a Storify Experience here. This was my first time publishing a story on this website, but it was quite simple. I was no longer limited to telling a story with words. With Storify I was able to incorporate Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. If you would like to add flavor to your style of storytelling, then I encourage you to publish on Storify. I enjoyed making a story on this platform and plan to publish more, so be on the lookout.

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