“He strikes again”

After threats to the Muslim community, on July 26, 2017 Donald Trump barred all Transgender people from serving in the military. Reversing the policy Obama put in place when he was in office allowing Transgender people to serve. Since Wednesday there has been protest from coast to coast in the nation. It is no surprise... Continue Reading →


#BlackLivesMatter ?

Hey Chatters, I know its been a while since we've chatted, I have had a lot going on but I am back! So you can guess what today's topic is after reading the title. If not today I want to talk about the Black Lives Matter Movement and why is has been so significant recently.... Continue Reading →

Semester Wrap Up

Afternoon Chatter, This week at Xavier University of Louisiana it is finals week for me and my fellow Xavierites, which means that the semester is coming to an end. This year has been pretty eventful, because I decided to develop my electronic foot print on the world this year by creating a blog and creating... Continue Reading →

Artificial intelligence?

Good Evening Chatters,   I hope you all are having a great week so far. It's almost over! Now you are probably wondering why the title of today's blog is 'Artificial Intelligence,' well it is named that because of a book called 'The Filter Bubble.' Recently, I have been reading this book and I am finishing it... Continue Reading →

XULA Spring fest was one for the Culture

Wassup Chatters, This weekend was pretty lit here on Xavier University of Louisiana's campus, because it was Spring fest. Xavier's Spring fest is an annual event that consist of events such as a Fashion Show, Block party and a Concert. This year's Spring fest I decided to be more involved by utilizing my Videography skills.... Continue Reading →

Campaign Week at XULA

Hello Chatters,             Last week at Xavier University of Louisiana candidates running for Student Government Association positions, and the competition this year was one for the books. Some of the most notable categories that left students on certain who to vote for were Miss Sophomore, Miss Junior, and SGA President.... Continue Reading →

Shaun King speaks at Xavier University

      In honor of Black History Month, American writer and Civil Rights activist Shaun King speaks to the students and local residents on Xavier University of Louisiana campus. King's body of work has gained him national attention in mainstream publication. To highlight the evolution of King, my classmate and I created a video... Continue Reading →

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