“He strikes again”

After threats to the Muslim community, on July 26, 2017 Donald Trump barred all Transgender people from serving in the military. Reversing the policy Obama put in place when he was in office allowing Transgender people to serve. Since Wednesday there has been protest from coast to coast in the nation. It is no surprise that in response to this uproar Trump goes to twitter. “……Victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical cost and disruption that Transgender in the military would entail. Thank you,” said Trump. The fact that Trump identifies Transgender people as a burden is down right disrespectful because they are willing to serve the country. I completely disagree with Trump banning all Transgender people to serve in the military. Now that we have that out the way lets look at the numbers. In 2016, out of the U.S. population 2,266,883 people served in the military out of that about 1,000 to 6,000 of those people identify as Transgender. With that being said I do not understand why it was so important for him to ban Transgender people if they do not even make up half of the military. Also as far as protesting goes there is probably more people protesting than it is serving in the military. To all Transgender people do not sacrifice your body for a country that is not willing to so much as let you live openly. America is not the land of the free so the sooner you realize that it is only about the dollar signs you will begin to view things differently. So continue to live your life for you and not this country.

You matter to me…



#BlackLivesMatter ?

Hey Chatters,

I know its been a while since we’ve chatted, I have had a lot going on but I am back! So you can guess what today’s topic is after reading the title. If not today I want to talk about the Black Lives Matter Movement and why is has been so significant recently.

For a few weeks now there has been a trending picture on Instagram with a graduation robe laid over an empty seat in honor of a student that was killed. Bowie State University honored the loss of Richard Collins III, a 23-year-old student that was recognized as a U.S. Army lieutenant. Somewhat ironic because he was killed in the country he was sworn to protect by a civilian he would have died to protect. Collins was stabbed to death by Sean Christopher Urbanski, while waiting for his Uber to arrive on May 20th, three days before his graduation.

Before Collins it was 15-year-old Jordan Edwards, who was shot and killed by police officer Roy Oliver in Balch Springs, Texas. On April 29, Edwards a freshman in high school was coming home from a party when Oliver shot through the passenger window.

The list goes on and on, sadly. These two unjust killings are one in the same, both boys were said to have good character, good students in school, and were not portrayed as “thugs.” Like we’ve seen in the past, some will justify the killing of  innocent black males because of they were labeled as “thugs”. If you feel that justifying these recent killings is the right thing to do then you are part of the problem.

These recent killings of African Americans, as some of you may know has created an uproar not only among African Americans but also people apart of other ethnic and racial groups. In the midst of this uproar a movement was created the Black Lives Matter Movement. The movement was labeled as controversial because of its name. Many argued that BLM excluded other minorities that deal with the same issues. However the many people behind this argument did not identify with any minority group at all, in fact they are part of the majority. After the killing of Collins and Edwards I took a step back to evaluate BLM and its significance. This movement’s purpose was not to make people angry and exclude people it was a call for help.

The BLM Movement was a response from African Americans, telling the nation to look we matter. Although slavery has been over, for years blacks have been considered as being second class and having to work twice as hard to only get half as much. BLM in its prime made the Nation stop and take a second look at things. Some may say BLM has developed a protest culture in the United States but is that a problem? A place where individuals are inclined to freedom of speech, yet when exercising this right they are accused of always playing the victim.

I make these statements because I am tired.

Tired of seeing the same things on the News.

Tired of the apologies.

Tired of the fake remarks.

Tired of people not caring.

Tired of  it all.

I am simply TIRED.


Mizani Ball

Semester Wrap Up

Afternoon Chatter,

This week at Xavier University of Louisiana it is finals week for me and my fellow Xavierites, which means that the semester is coming to an end. This year has been pretty eventful, because I decided to develop my electronic foot print on the world this year by creating a blog and creating frequent content on my Twitter. Since I have created this blog I now hold it hold near and dear to my heart. At first I was a little hesitant about starting a blog being that it is hard to grasp the concept of blogging. However, I can honestly say that I have learned a lot about blogging while enjoying myself. Over the course of this semester I have posted 21 blogs that describing recent events happening on the local, and nationally scale. The intended them of my blog was to inform African Americans of social issues that effect them while also embracing the culture we have developed. Throughout my journey of blogging I have stayed consistent to the initial theme of the blog. In addition, the following of my blog has also increased, I started off with zero followers and so far I have eight new followers. This may not seem like a lot but gaining followers for a blog is somewhat difficult because it is hard to gain exposure. So I guess you could say I am proud of my eight follows. Thus, the appearance of my blog has also evolved over time. The template that I used when I first started was quite simple and was not very appealing. However, the template that I am currently using is more dynamic and showcase all the blogs posted. In conclusion, establishing my blog has created tangible evidence to show people the progress I am making while being in school. In the future I plan to continue blogging or maybe consider vlogging on YouTube. Either way I would definitely like to proceed to develop the brand of Mizani and improve my skills as a media professional.


How to start a blog?

Blogging Basics 101

Artificial intelligence?

Good Evening Chatters,


I hope you all are having a great week so far. It’s almost over! Now you are probably wondering why the title of today’s blog is ‘Artificial Intelligence,’ well it is named that because of a book called ‘The Filter Bubble.’ Recently, I have been reading this book and I am finishing it up. Since I have been reading this book my perspective on the world we live in has been altered. ‘The Filter Bubble’ is written by Eli Pariser, chief executive of Upworthy news website. The book goes in-depth about how filter bubble effect the world around us. Filter bubbles have become more present since the advancement of technology. For the people that are unsure what a filter bubble is  it is when a website’s algorithm selectively guesses what information the user wants to see based on the information about the user. Seems harmless right? Wrong!

Considering that the acceptance of technology has not always been pleasant. In fact many people reject new technology and preferred the old way of doing things. But the way the filter bubble has maneuvered its way into the everyday lives of people as been nothing less than clever. The way the filter bubble works is when you visit a site, for example Facebook before creating an account they ask you all these different questions to find out information about you. From there it saves all of this information and creates content based off of this information. Thus, changing what we read and take in and developing how we think.

Now the author of this book, felt a need to write this book to inform people about the way these algorithms operate. I’m not gonna spill the tea on the book too much, but I do suggest everyone to read this book. If you are interested in purchasing this book below is the link where I purchased mine. Also below there will be a link to a TED Talk featuring Eli Pariser discussing ‘The Filter Bubble.’


The Filter Bubble

TED Talk ft. Eli Pariser

XULA Spring fest was one for the Culture

Wassup Chatters,

This weekend was pretty lit here on Xavier University of Louisiana’s campus, because it was Spring fest. Xavier’s Spring fest is an annual event that consist of events such as a Fashion Show, Block party and a Concert. This year’s Spring fest I decided to be more involved by utilizing my Videography skills. Along with the help of my partner I was able to produce the theme release video, and Fashion show video for the festivities.

However, the most talked about element of this year’s Spring Fest was the many aspects of Black culture that was incorporated. At majority of the event from the food to the music all correlated to black culture. Xavierites also participated in the by the clothing they wore.

At this year’s Fashion show the theme was ‘C U L T U R E’. Where the night started off with clothing that resembled the Earth’s element: Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. The night continued with other eccentric clothing that highlighted Black culture from the bold colors and the use of African prints. Later during the evening, Edna Karr High School Band performed as the entertainment. Band’s at Historically Black Colleges or Universities are well known for their performances. Schools like Southern University of Louisana, Jackson State University and Prairie View A & M are Nationally known for their band.  Although Xavier does not have an official Band, the Fashion show incorporated that aspect of an HBCU. Moreover, the outfits that students wore to the show was one for the books. For the student that wore the best outfit got to walk the runway. To say the least, the overall aesthetic of the night was centered around the beliefs and culture of the black community.


Black Culture in 2015

Black Culture Connection

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Campaign Week at XULA

Hello Chatters,

            Last week at Xavier University of Louisiana candidates running for Student Government Association positions, and the competition this year was one for the books. Some of the most notable categories that left students on certain who to vote for were Miss Sophomore, Miss Junior, and SGA President. For Miss Sophomore, there was three candidates; Chynna Dubuclet, and Kensly Villavasso. Next, for Miss Junior, there were five candidates running; Ariane Shanks, Taj Wright, Brandy Sardie, Angel Ringo and Cheyenne Archer. Lastly, for SGA President, there were only two candidates running, Bryan Redmond and Kylar Wiltz, both were qualified and campaigned well. As campaign week came to an end the University Center went back to its normal flow.

           On Monday night the candidates had a chance to present their speeches to the student body. To start the night, Blaine Derbigny who is running for freshman class senate kicked the night off. Candidates discuss their future plans for the school, qualities that made them most appealing for the job. To finish the night out Sarah Hale and Ryane Adams both running for Miss Senior, participated in a Q&A about their plans. Tuesday nights speeches went as followed: Shalani Taylor (Miss Xavier), Hassan Owen (Mr. Xavier) , Kylar Wiltz (SGA President) and Bryan Redmond (SGA President).

  Today marks the first day students are able to cast their votes. Students can vote Wednesday, March 29th (9 am – 4 pm) to Thursday, March 30th (9am – 4pm) . Voting booths are set up in the University center first floor across from Sub Connections. Be sure to go out and cast your vote for the 2017-2018 Xavier Elections.

“Vote for the man who promises least; he will be the least disappointed”  -Bernard M. Baruch

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