Welcome to Black Lives Chatter!

My name is Mizani Ball, and I am the creator of Black Lives Chatter, which is a blog for activist and the socially aware. Currently, I am a Mass Communication major with a focus in film production at Xavier

Mizani Ball, the creator of Black Lives Chatter

University of Louisiana . The reason behind making this blog is I felt there was a need to express how the things in the world effect me and those that look like me. The recent police shootings of unarmed African Americans triggered a national uproar which as a result formed the organization Black Lives Matter (BLM). Th BLM movement is the inspiration behind this blog (hints the name). The purpose of this blog is to spark up conversation about  important social issues that normally would not appear in conversations. Black Lives Chatter is not just a blog to voice the struggles of Blacks but to also address groups that are also being treated unfairly such as, Muslims, Hispanics and people that identify with the LGBTQ community.

So remember your voice matters here at Black Lives Chatter!



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