Semester Wrap Up

Afternoon Chatter,

This week at Xavier University of Louisiana it is finals week for me and my fellow Xavierites, which means that the semester is coming to an end. This year has been pretty eventful, because I decided to develop my electronic foot print on the world this year by creating a blog and creating frequent content on my Twitter. Since I have created this blog I now hold it hold near and dear to my heart. At first I was a little hesitant about starting a blog being that it is hard to grasp the concept of blogging. However, I can honestly say that I have learned a lot about blogging while enjoying myself. Over the course of this semester I have posted 21 blogs that describing recent events happening on the local, and nationally scale. The intended them of my blog was to inform African Americans of social issues that effect them while also embracing the culture we have developed. Throughout my journey of blogging I have stayed consistent to the initial theme of the blog. In addition, the following of my blog has also increased, I started off with zero followers and so far I have eight new followers. This may not seem like a lot but gaining followers for a blog is somewhat difficult because it is hard to gain exposure. So I guess you could say I am proud of my eight follows. Thus, the appearance of my blog has also evolved over time. The template that I used when I first started was quite simple and was not very appealing. However, the template that I am currently using is more dynamic and showcase all the blogs posted. In conclusion, establishing my blog has created tangible evidence to show people the progress I am making while being in school. In the future I plan to continue blogging or maybe consider vlogging on YouTube. Either way I would definitely like to proceed to develop the brand of Mizani and improve my skills as a media professional.


How to start a blog?

Blogging Basics 101


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