Campaign Week at XULA

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            Last week at Xavier University of Louisiana candidates running for Student Government Association positions, and the competition this year was one for the books. Some of the most notable categories that left students on certain who to vote for were Miss Sophomore, Miss Junior, and SGA President. For Miss Sophomore, there was three candidates; Chynna Dubuclet, and Kensly Villavasso. Next, for Miss Junior, there were five candidates running; Ariane Shanks, Taj Wright, Brandy Sardie, Angel Ringo and Cheyenne Archer. Lastly, for SGA President, there were only two candidates running, Bryan Redmond and Kylar Wiltz, both were qualified and campaigned well. As campaign week came to an end the University Center went back to its normal flow.

           On Monday night the candidates had a chance to present their speeches to the student body. To start the night, Blaine Derbigny who is running for freshman class senate kicked the night off. Candidates discuss their future plans for the school, qualities that made them most appealing for the job. To finish the night out Sarah Hale and Ryane Adams both running for Miss Senior, participated in a Q&A about their plans. Tuesday nights speeches went as followed: Shalani Taylor (Miss Xavier), Hassan Owen (Mr. Xavier) , Kylar Wiltz (SGA President) and Bryan Redmond (SGA President).

  Today marks the first day students are able to cast their votes. Students can vote Wednesday, March 29th (9 am – 4 pm) to Thursday, March 30th (9am – 4pm) . Voting booths are set up in the University center first floor across from Sub Connections. Be sure to go out and cast your vote for the 2017-2018 Xavier Elections.

“Vote for the man who promises least; he will be the least disappointed”  -Bernard M. Baruch

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