Interview with Dre Pic

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         Shortly after interviewing with two student photojournalist, I was inspired to interview a street photography/ fashion mogul that goes by the name of Artez L. Irvin. With over 29,000 followers on Instagram and over 7,000 followers on Twitter, Irvin has gained a strong following. Not only has his photography been the source of his fame, but he has also set a social trend with his style. So far Irvin has worked with Korto Momolu, America’s Next Top Model, BravoTV Reality personalities and Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week. Over the years, Irvin has taken everything from celebrity, fashion and dance photo shoots while being able to express his creativity through his art.

How do you use photographs to tell a compelling story?

“Honestly, when I’m shooting I try to never think too deep on creating a particular image, I just keep snapping and allow the vibes to flow naturally.”

What inspires you to be a photographer?

“I always wanted to try different things growing up as a kid but, art and photography stood out to me the most. Being able to capture the moment for people and create memories for ever keeps me going with this craft.”

Is photography a dying or growing art form of storytelling?

“It has its ups and downs, some people just want to take photographs because it’s the newest coolest thing to do, but for the people that are passionate about it their stories never end…. It’s addicting, if you love it.”

How has multimedia platforms hindered or enhanced you field of work?

“Having more access to spread your work is a blessing these days. I believe it helps for sure. Now anyone can see your work and that type of exposure is always a plus.”

Contact Information:

Instagram: @Drepic

Twitter: @Artez_Epic

Website/ Blog:

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