“HBCU’s are relevant, because we’re relevant.”

      From their humble beginnings, Historically  Black College and Universities (HBCU) have evolved developing a unique culture for learning in comparison to Predominately White Institutions (PWI). Along with organizations promoting Civil Rights HBCUs have conceived countless organizations that give students the opportunity to enhance their community while bonding with their fellow classmates. Although some Black Greek Letter Organizations were not founded on the campus of a HBCU, they are a major aspect in promoting black excellence.

      “You meet people you never thought existed and form a brotherhood or sisterhood that last for a lifetime,” said Sarah Hale, a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and biology pre-med major at Xavier University of Louisiana.


       These institutions have not only created a safe haven for African-Americans during a time where racial discrimination was at an all-time high, HBCUs have established an environment where young black students are allowed to freely voice their opinions. The unique culture developed by HBCU has touched the students that attend.

      “A HBCU is a family away from home. There is nothing better than being empowered to continue the legacies of those that came before you and having supporters to watch you take the path to where you want to go,” said Dasia James, an international business major at Howard University.

        James, like many other HBCU students, prides herself for following the footsteps of her ancestors. James makes it her duty to improve her intellectual capacity despite the adversities she may face.


     “Going to a HBCU allows a student to put things into a different perspective, and having a unique experience will open the doors to endless opportunity with the many keys to success,”  James said.

     Education is the key to success, but for many years African-Americans and other minorities were not granted this key. Now with the help of Congress and other elected officials, there are endless initiatives these institutions that will always be a part of the nation’s history for the foreseeable future.

     “For more than a century, HBCU’s have been at the forefront of preparing the next generation of African-American leaders,” said Joyce Beatty, U.S. Congresswoman, and a proud alumna of a HBCU.


Black Colleges Matter

What you need to know about HBCUs


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