A day with Destini…


        Destini Lattimore is the founder and voice behind DestiniDay, a blog about her lifestyle and the latest fashion trends. She decided to launch her blog Jul. 28, 2016 as a way to kick-start her career as a big time fashion journalist. Lattimore is a junior at Arkansas State University, studying multimedia journalism with aspirations to become a writer for Cosmopolitan or Complex magazine.

         Lattimore’s love for fashion is the main reason why she decided to launch her Blog, but also as a place to disclose her personal stories.

Follow her along the way:

Instagram: @Destini_Dayfullsizerender-2

Facebook: Destini.Lattimore

Twitter: @Destini_Day

Interview Questions:

1. How would you describe your style? Where does your inspiration come from?

I would describe my personal style as minimalist chic. I typically don’t wear very much color and my go-to pieces are oftentimes neutral in color (black, white, grey, olive/khaki). I was influenced by other minimalist bloggers and how they put themselves together. they always looked appealing with very little color. Black is my favorite color so I figured it just fit.

2. Do you consider yourself a professional communicator?

I do consider myself a professional communicator. In a sense, we’re all professional communicators. We can send out dozens of messages each day so easily from our phones.

3. How do you continue to build your audience?

I’m still perfecting the art of building and maintaining my audience. One of the most important aspects of blogging is consistency. Your audience doesn’t want you to post “every now and then” or inconsistently; they want guaranteed content frequently posted. It’s also important to just be yourself. I think people respond to a more authentic personality than one that feels “manufactured”. I try my best to remain true to myself.


 Destini Lattimore is an ambitious 20-year-old who founded DestiniDay, as a way to express her minimal yet chic style and share her life’s journey so far. Learning from some of the best in the blogging community, Lattimore has mastered the professional yet hipster aesthetic. Although she is quite new to blogging, she has studied the ins and outs of this form of communication and plans to climb her way to the top.



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