First blog post

     In 2016, there were 708 people that were killed by the police; out of that 258 of those people were African Americans. After the death of Mike Brown in 2014, the awareness of police brutality against African Americans increased and the movement ‘Black Lives Matter,’ was born. Throughout this movement many supporter stood in solidarity to fight a gainst police brutality.

      As a response to these recent events and the current political issues occurring ‘Black Lives Chatter’ was conceived. Additionally the content of this blog will consist of local event, hot topics and other pressing issues. The creator of this blog Mizani Ball is currently a sophomore at Xavier University of Louisiana, majoring in Mass Communication. The inspiration behind ‘Black Lives Chatter’ was of course the BLM movement but also the desperate need of social justice for People of color, LGBTQ, Muslims and women.

      Through the use of blogging even more people will be informed about the issues within their community and will be moved to make change. In order to drive the wheels of change one must first know how to drive.

 “Social change is not going to come from just knowing more, but from doing something with it,” –Pia Mancini

Other articles by Mizani Ball:

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